et son Learning Lab

L’Orangerie, at the heart of the exceptional setting of the Montcelard estate, a space dedicated to educational development and experimentation.

Develop your skills

L’Orangerie, a Learning Lab, specially designed to develop key 21st century skills (creativity, cooperation, problem solving), is at the service of your teams. L’Orangerie aims to promote working methods such as the user approach and Design Thinking. Our mission? To enhance your creativity and innovation through practice.

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Working collaboratively

Its modular layout and differentiated spaces are conducive to both group work and collective intelligence exercises.

Creating innovative projects

The Learning Lab is also a place for pedagogical experimentation using numerous tools and methods for reflection.


La source

  • High tables and stools to create a convivial space
  • Light and easy to move furniture
  • A playful display to demonstrate the DNA of the place
  • Tools to immortalise your moments
  • Help to communicate about the experience on social networks
  • A permanent break area


  • Individual and comfortable seating
  • Phygital elements that enhance the combination of the digital world with your physical world
  • Plants to create an environment and feeling of well-being
  • Digital boards and walls to immediately visualize your ideas

Le bazar

  • Modular furniture to allow unlimited configurations of space
  • Large surface areas for projecting and viewing your presentations
  • An ergonomically diverse environment created by a diversity of seats in order to support the creation of a more dynamic body & brain connection
  • A “teaching resources” zone, similar to a workbench made up of tools with which to experiment
  • Other means of expression such as Legos, Playmobiles, Kaplas, modelling clay…