The headquarters of Mérieux Université are based in the western part of Lyon, in the Domaine of Montcelard, which is – by its history and layout – an exceptional place and “historic Château” castle.
The Domaine, whose history traces back to 1682, was home to a congregation of Christian Nuns until 2005. When it became the property of Institut Mérieux, it was completely renovated in 2015.

Like the Group, Montcelard embodies both the company’s Lyon roots and its tireless spirit of innovation. Indeed, next to the Chateau which houses 12 training and reception rooms, there is now a Learning Lab, entirely focused on 21st century skills as well as Mérieux NutriSciences’ headquarters.

The Montcelard site is also a place of social diversity that houses the “Maison François et Claire”, for dependent elderly people, as well as “chalets” for single women and their children, built thanks to the partnership between the “Entreprise des possibles” and Habitat&Humanisme.

Finally, the Domaine de Montcelard is a wooded park of more than 12 hectares, endowed with rare species and a place of great ecological diversity.

113 route de Paris
69160 Tassin-la-Demi-Lune