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« People make up the richness of the Institute Mérieux.
Mérieux Université’s primary mission is the development of those colleagues while promoting the values of the Institute Mérieux within the group and beyond. »

Director of Mérieux Université

Our mission

To spread the group's culture

Mérieux Université was created in 2014 and is the Corporate University of Group Mérieux.

The Université is a privileged space for innovation and collaboration, imbued with the Institute's humanist and entrepreneurial culture. With that in mind, Mérieux Université designs and runs high value-added global training programs for all the Group's entities and clients. It also offers individual and group coaching. 

As an educational reference, Mérieux Université strives to understand the changes in the businesses and environment of the Group's companies, to anticipate the associated skills and to support the development of employees, both in terms of technical and behavioral aspects. 

Our heritage

Inspiring audacity

Mérieux Université's activities are based on a unique set of values, articulated around five pillars:

Raising the company's social
and societal commitment
to an even higher level

Our training programs are designed to support the professional development of Group employees, to enable them to realize the full measure of their talents and ambitions and to guarantee their employability throughout their careers.

Being loyal
to the Group's family

Like all family-owned businesses, the DNA of Group Mérieux is long term. As such, one of its roles is to support teams undergoing profound transformations in order to develop their resilience and adaptability.

the spirit of excellence
and innovation

A place of openness, exchange and experimentation in learning methods, the Université aims to train the Group's employees and managers in the professions of today and, above all, tomorrow.


The Université’s mission is to design training programs on a Group-wide scale and to run them globally, thanks to a diversified offer of online training and its four hubs located in Lyon (Domaine de Montcelard)/ Shanghai (China) / Durham/St Louis (United States) / Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

Raising awareness
of public health

Since its creation, faithful to the Institute's vocation to improve public health in the world, the University has supported biology laboratories in the development of their professional skills through dedicated training courses.

Our Activities

Training and support all employees

The Group's employees operate in an increasingly complex and challenging environment, where change is a continuous process and where approaches and methods must constantly be questioned or even readapted to achieve the objectives set.

We respond to these strategic challenges with :
• Professional" training courses, structured in Academies
• Training in Communication, Management and Leadership
• Coaching actions, individual or collective, but also DISC test, 360 feedback

In addition, since its creation, the Université has supported Clinical and Industrial Microbiology Laboratories in the development of their professional knowledge and skills. Mérieux Université offers a wide range of training courses for biologists and laboratory technicians - in Lyon and Paris, or tailor-made on-site.

Anticipation, systemic thinking and strategic forecasting are today the essential qualities required of managers. Information in itself no longer creates added value, while interpersonal skills - problem solving, cooperation, critical thinking, creativity - are crucial and are at the heart of our pedagogical project.

Ethics and Compliance

Like all Group entities, Mérieux Université is committed to acting in accordance with the Principles of Conduct published by Institut Mérieux and to ensuring that its practices, both internally and externally, are in line with a corporate culture that respects ethics and integrity. 

Committed to the fight against corruption, and in accordance with the law n° 2016-1691 known as "Sapin 2", Mérieux Université has set up a procedure to assess the control of corruption risks for all its service providers and suppliers, with the support of the Institute's Internal Audit Department and ADIT. Any new relationship with a Third Party is subject to a prior assessment that enables Mérieux Université to determine the level of exposure to corruption risks of the said Third Party, in accordance with the legislation in force.

Find here our Business Practices applicable to Third Parties.

In addition, Mérieux Université has a strong policy against unethical behaviour, corrupt practices, extortion, coercion, fraud and collusion. You can make a report online here.